Kenor Inernational Corp.


"Promoting Health Through Education"


Dr. Bastien received the degree of Doctor of Medecine from Sri-Lanka Open International University.   He obtained a Master's degree in Cognitive Psychology from Mons State University.  He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Orthomolecular Nutrition from Donsbach University.


Dr. Bastien practiced in both Brussels and Paris as an Alternatvie Medicine Wellness Consultant and Psycho-Nutritionist. He founded the first European University for Alternative Medicine in Europe.  He has held many conferences, and radio and television programs in Belgium, France, Greece, USA, Holland, and Haiti.  Dr. Bastien has also made several health presentations addressing a variety of topics at the European Community Parliament in Brussels.


Dr. Bastien is currently the President of Kenor International Corporation, a corporation with the mission of promoting Health Education and Wellness through compassionate lifestyle coaching.



Common Foods With Wonderful Healing Properties (Orlando, 2001)

L'Apocalypse des messages de lumiere (France, 1986)

Harmonizing Your Digestive Functions (Belgium, 1990)

Propositions Pour un Centre de Formation Agricole et Artisanale en Haiti (Belgium, 1981)


Audio Books

Alimentation et Spiritualite (Belgium, 1990)

Nutrition, Love and Sexuality (Orlando, 1997)

Brain and Prayer (Orlando, 1997)

The Ultimate Choice (Orlando, 1997)

Aante et Delivrance Pour Haiti (Orlando, 1999)