Our business is to teach people how to use alternative medicine to preserve their health, heal from their disease, stay young, feel good, and look good. The human body is a wonderful and sophisticated machinery.  The science and the complexity of the vital functions are overwhelming.  Life has no price and deserves total respect and appreciation.


There are many ways and approaches of Alternative Medicine.  I have many people who always want to understand my approach and how it works.  This Consumer Health Education Guide will bring, I hope, the answer to these questions.


I have done my best to keep my explanations simple, avoiding the medical jargon.  I have in my heart a great love and respect for mankind.  I make sure to treat people with the value that God bestowed upon man when He sacrificed himself for man's redemption.  There is only one way to take care of the human body, God's way.  The herbs are for the healing of the nations.  That is my way.


Warm Regards,



Dr. Keny F. Bastien, MD, MA


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